I guess I should introduce myself, my blog…


My name is Clayton Mayo.  I love learning about and trying new things.  I can be quirky, quiet, intelligent, boisterous, detail-oriented, friendly, obnoxious, emotional, caring, insightful, mean, apathetic, happy, sad, and many other commonly and uncommonly claimed contradicting characteristics people use to describe themselves.  I am a human being.  I am curious about that which I do not know, sometimes even more curious about that which I do know.

The purpose of this blog is to deal with one thing with many meanings: growth.  We should all strive for growth; without growth there can be only decay, or at best stagnation.  I want to say that growth is a requirement for survival, that without growth we must die.  But this is not true, people go through their lives every day completely content in not making any effort to improve their place in life.  Mere survival is the antithesis of growth, is it not?

I don’t want to be content with mere survival.  I want to grow.  So, here I will share the activities in my life which foster this growth, and maybe I can inspire others as I inspire myself.

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